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Torn- Holiday Prices!

I've lowered the prices for the Torn: Caught between the Billionaires series for the Holidays!  Book 1: Lucas is now $0.99, Books 2-4 - Jonathan, The Choice, and Consequences - are each $1.49, and The Complete Series is $4.99!  Now is the time to check out the series!

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Captured by the Billionaire- New Price!

For the Holidays, Captured by the Billionaire (The Complete Series) has been reduced to $3.99!  And all of the installments are only $0.99!  Now is the time to check out the series!

Julia xxx

Friday, 21 December 2012

Meet Gwen and Damien

So, here we go.  As promised, here's a teaser from Broken (Dark Grove Plantation 3)!  Enjoy! xxx

Something akin to fear stirred in Gwen’s belly as he approached the bar, shooting her a predatory smile.
Damien was the last person she wanted to see.  Just the few moments of anticipating his proximity filled her with dread.  He had made his interest clear ever since he had come to Dark Grove Plantation for the first time three months ago.  Despite the presence of dozens of other gorgeous, single submissives, he had honed in on her, the only one who was definitely unavailable.
And to make it worse, she was fiercely attracted to him too.  He was undeniably beautiful, his meticulous grooming matching his carefully controlled manner. There was no trace of stubble on his square jaw, and his black hair was always carefully styled.   The man was fit, his muscles obvious beneath the suits that he always wore.  There was power in his every movement, and he dominated the space around him.  And his eyes: such a dark brown that they were nearly black.  They reminded Gwen of a demon’s eyes.  A sexy incubus who would lure her in with no more than a look before devouring her body and her soul…
The women that he passed by on his way to the bar watched him hungrily.  But he ignored them, his eyes locked on Gwen.
Why me?  She wondered, a bit miserably.  What could he possibly see in me?
Gwen had to admit to herself that she liked her wavy blonde hair and light green eyes, but she was short and undeniably curvy.  Her large breasts were a bonus, she supposed, but she wouldn’t mind having a little less weight on her hips.
She sighed, struggling to push back her insecurities and put on a brave face.  She plastered on her usual bright smile.
“Hi, Damien,” she greeted.  ‘What can I get for you?”
His black eyes bored into her as his leer twisted down into a frown.
“I would prefer it if you addressed me as ‘Sir,’” he replied tersely.
Now it was Gwen’s turn to frown.  “What can I get for you, Damien?”  She placed emphasis on his name.  No way was she calling him “Sir.”  She was afraid that the word would taste too sweet on her tongue, and she didn’t think that she could handle that.
His expression turned forbidding, and Gwen had to fight back an urge to shrink away.
“Are you being intentionally rude, sub?”  He asked softly.  “Because you have to know that I won’t tolerate it.  Not from you.”
Gwen crossed her arms over her chest, trying to convey her annoyance.  But instead it felt more like she was protecting herself.  Damien’s eyes flicked down to her breasts, which were pressed together wantonly by her stance.  Gwen quickly shifted so that her hands were on her hips instead.  But Damien’s eyes did not shift; they burned her like a hot touch, and she felt her nipples pebble against the inside of her corset.
“If you have a problem with me, then you can report it to management,” she snapped to cover her discomfiture.  “But I have to warn you that they won’t take too kindly when I let them know that you’re harassing me.”
That got his attention.  His eyes returned her gaze directly, his gaze steady, challenging.  Gwen held it for a few long moments, but it was difficult; she had to fight the urge to drop her eyes submissively in the wake of his hard stare.  Eventually, his frown curled upward in a small, amused smile, as though he was impressed by her.
“I do enjoy a challenge, Gwen,” he said, his voice low and rough.  “But you must know that I always win in the end; I always get what I want.  You’ll break eventually.”
This time Gwen couldn’t repress a small shiver at the intensity of his words.  A part of her wanted that fiercely, wanted him to take her, to bend her to his will.  But that wouldn’t happen.  Not ever.  She knew that he would break her open, would lay her soul bare.  She wouldn’t be able to hide anything from him.  And that terrified her.  She had been hurt too many times before to allow herself to be vulnerable like that.
“So, what’s your poison?”  She asked insistently.
“McCallan.  Neat.”
The man’s drink was as refined as he was.  And just as intense, burning as it slid down your throat…
She was grateful for the excuse to turn away from him as she poured his drink.  But the tension was still there, pulsing between them like a palpable thing.  And his scent was there; soap and pine.
Stop that!  She told herself firmly.  I’m not interested, I’m not interested…
She went to set his glass on the bar, and he grasped it quickly, letting his hand touch hers as he took it from her.  He lingered for a moment, and Gwen found that she didn’t want to break the contact.  His touch sent little tingles of electricity running up her arm and down her spine.  She felt her sex flare to life, heating and pulsing.
She jerked her hand away, almost causing the glass to tip over.  Damien steadied it quickly, not allowing the golden liquid to slosh over the sides.  Gwen peeked up at him to find that he was smiling at her slyly, as though he knew exactly the effect he had had on her.  And damn it if he wasn’t right.
“Sorry,” she mumbled quickly before turning away from him.
“Wait,” he commanded, grabbing her wrist firmly and stopping her short.  “Stay a while.”  His eyes were dancing, triumphant in his small victory over her.
But she jerked her hand away, frightened of her reaction to him, that she had given him even a tiny glimpse through her falsely bright exterior to her vulnerable side.
“I have other customers to serve,” she said, trying for a terse tone.
She saw him frown as she turned away from him again, but she was too relieved to escape him to feel bad about it.  But he stayed by the bar, watching her.  She could feel his eyes on her, raking over her.
After a while, a pretty brunette sub plucked up the courage to approach him.  Gwen watched them out of the corner of her eye.  The girl was clearly desperate for him, leaning into him and thrusting out her chest.  Damien shot one last look at Gwen before nodding at the submissive, and they left the bar together, the brunette following him out with a slavish look on her face.
Something that felt suspiciously like jealousy made Gwen’s gut twist.
No.  I am not jealous.  God, the man was messing with her head.  She busied herself with serving customers, throwing herself into activity to drive him from her thoughts.
But as soon as the club closed and everyone left, he invaded her mind once more.
“Hey, Gwen,” her co-worker Gerald snapped her out of her reverie.  “You think that the bar is clean enough?”  He was smiling, his eyes gently mocking.  Gwen jumped and then blushed, realizing that she had been wiping the same spot for a few minutes too long.
“Sorry,” she said.  “I guess I’m just tired.”
“Or your mind is somewhere else,” Gerald said, seeing right through her.  “What’s up, Gwen?”
“Nothing,” she replied, a bit too quickly.  “I really am just tired.”  No way was she going to admit that she couldn’t get Damien out of her mind.  She busied herself with finishing up, desperate to get away from Dark Grove and get home.  She could swear that she could still smell him, that his scent still lingered in the bar.  Or was it just in her mind?
When they had finished work for the night, Gwen half-ran to her car, relieved to escape.  Maybe she would come to her senses if she could just get away from Dark Grove.  The place was a constant reminder of him, of their disconcerting encounter.  She breathed a sigh of relief when she was in the safety of her car.
But she could still swear that his scent lingered in the confined space, as though it clung to her, refusing to dissipate.

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Torn- New Covers

New covers for the Torn: Caught between the Billionaires series!  Check them out!

Dark Grove Plantation 3

Announcement!  I am currently working on Broken (Dark Grove Plantation #3)!  Here is the cover.  I'll post a teaser in the near future :).

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Taken Now Available!

Taken (Dark Grove Plantation 2) is now available on Amazon!


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Taken Cover and Awakened FREE

It's official: Option A is the cover for Taken (Dark Grove Plantation 2) :) .  Thanks for your help!  It will be published TOMORROW, 15 December!  To celebrate, Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation 1) will be FREE!  If you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time!  xxx

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Taken Blurb and Cover!

Here's the blurb and cover for Taken (Dark Grove Plantation 2), coming soon!

High-powered lawyer Ella has always been a Domme, relishing winning in the courtroom and in the kinky playroom.  But sexy Dom Brandon is fiercely attracted to her, and he has other plans for her, plans that involve her kneeling at his feet.  Despite her avid resistance, Ella finds her tough exterior cracking as she is lured in by Brandon’s erotic games.  She is determined to win, but can she defeat the persistent, powerful Dom?

Meanwhile, one of Ella’s infatuated submissives can’t stand her rejection.  How far will he go to win her back?

Find out in Taken, the second short story in the Dark Grove Plantation series!

New Short: Taken (Dark Grove Plantation 2) Excerpt!

Hi Readers!  Hot on the heels of the release of Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation 1), I'm working on the second book in the series, Taken.  The story follows Ella, the Domme who we met in Awakened as the Dom Brandon brings out her submissive side.  Here's a teaser for you :).  Cover and longer blurb to follow soon!

Ella grinned evilly as she brought the crop down hard on Holly’s pert ass.  The curvy little sub cried out at the blow, but Ella knew by the way that she arched back into her that she was enjoying herself.  She glanced at Holly’s Dom, a silent question in her eyes.  Holden held up two fingers, a small smirk on his face as he watched Ella dominate his sub.  She nodded at him in understanding, and laid two more blows across Holly’s sensitive thighs in quick succession.  This time the sub nearly screamed at the intensity.  But Ella could tell by her glassy eyes that she had entered subspace, pushed over the edge by the pain.
Holden was at her side, murmuring in her ear, kissing her throat.  Then he bit down on the delicate skin where her neck met her shoulder.  At the same time, he touched his fingers to her clit, pinching hard.  Holly moaned as she came, tugging at the chains that held her suspended as she writhed at the intensity of her orgasm.  As she came down off her high, gasping, Ella gently ran her fingernails over the sub’s abused ass, making her shudder pleasurably.
Ella helped Holden release Holly from her bonds, and then he carried her to one of the couches at the corner of the room, holding her tightly to his chest.  Ella could tell from the way that he looked at her that he was utterly smitten, and she felt a pang in her chest, longing for that connection with her own man.
But not a Dom, she thought firmly.  Certainly not a Dom.
Ella was infamous at Dark Grove Plantation for the way that she reduced men – and women, for that matter – to simpering messes.  She was good at what she did.  Very good.  And she relished their submission.
She enjoyed her high-powered job as a lawyer, but it was also high-stress.  Men were always underestimating her in the courtroom, and it gave her immense satisfaction to smack them down, to win.  And she found great relief from the indignation that she felt at their initial derision by playing with men who revered her.  The disparity between condescending men and worshipful ones seemed to provide the balance she needed to feel like an equal.  Not to mention that being a Domme gave her the confidence she needed to be a successful lawyer.  She won in the playroom and in the courtroom.
But unfortunately, she had never found that she was romantically attracted to any of her subs.  Something about how they were subordinate to her made her feel uneasy entering into a relationship.
Suppressing a sigh, Ella turned her eyes away from Holden and Holly, heading for the bar.  She could use a drink. 
Not because I’m upset, she told herself.  I’m just thirsty after that workout.
She checked to see if her friend Jo was working the bar tonight.  The pretty blonde was always nice to her, and she had even let Ella Domme her a few times.  Unfortunately, she was nowhere in sight.  It would have been nice to have someone to talk to.
She ordered a rum and coke and then stationed herself in a dark corner, trying her best not to look sulky.  She should be focusing on the crowd, picking out her next conquest.  But she just wasn’t up for it.  Instead, she found herself fussing with her short leather skirt; adjusting it gave her an excuse to do something else.
“Hey there, little one.”  Ella tried not to jump at the sound of his voice, so sexy with its Southern twang.
Crap.  The last person she wanted to talk to right now was Brandon, especially when she was off her game.
She glared up at him.  “I’ve told you not to call me that,” she snapped.
“What would you prefer?”  He asked, the corners of his mouth curling upward in amusement.
“‘Mistress’ would suit you nicely,” she retorted, lifting her chin to give him an imperious stare.
He laughed softly, his hazel eyes dancing.  “I think I’ll stick to my preferred moniker, but thanks anyway.”
Ella threw up her hands in exasperation, rolling her eyes at him.
His strong arms were around her instantly, his palms pressed against the wall on either side of her, trapping her.  “I don’t permit people to roll their eyes at me,” he said softly, a dangerous edge to his voice.
Ella couldn’t stop her eyes from widening.  The nerve of him!  But she couldn’t deny her attraction to him, and it was only heightened by his close proximity.  His eyes had shifted from genial brown to an intense, dark green now, offsetting his curly black hair that she secretly wanted to run her hands through.  And his scent…  She wanted to drink it in.  He smelled of amber and musk and darkness.  Looking up into his eyes, she had to resist the urge to swallow hard.
“When will you admit that you want me, little one?”  He asked, his voice low and rough.
Ella shook her head vigorously.  “Never,” she whispered.
“You’ll never admit it, or you’ll never want me?”  He asked with a sly smile.
“Both.  Either,” she said, getting flustered.  His closeness was throwing her off, his masculine scent wreaking havoc on her brain, making her think that she did want him.  But that was crazy.  Brandon was a Dom through and through.  And Ella wasn’t interested in a man who wanted to undermine her.
She pressed her hands against his hard chest, resisting the urge to run her fingers over his sculpted body, to lightly sink her nails into his flesh…
Stop that!  She ordered herself.
He didn’t budge a millimeter. Ella was unsettled, but she felt her body betray her, and her sex pulsed as she realized her predicament.  What was wrong with her?  She needed to get out of here, to go home.
“Back off,” she hissed.  “Or I’ll make you.”
Brandon just chuckled.  “You’re cute when you’re angry, you know,” he told her.  Then he cocked his head at her.  “But I have to ask: Just how are you planning to get out of this?”
His smug expression was enough to quell her lust for him.  She shot him an evil smile before shouting, “Red!”
Several people turned to look at them, their attention caught by the sight of Ella, the infamous Domme, shouting out a safe word.  She was slightly embarrassed that they had heard, but it was the only way that she knew to force Brandon away from her.
He growled, and his hands clenched to fists against the wall.  He stared down at her for a moment, his green eyes stormy.  Then he pushed away from her.  Ella determinedly held back her sigh of relief.
“Fine,” he snapped.  “You win.  For now.”

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Awakened now available!

You can now buy Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation) on Amazon!

Happy reading!  xxx

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Christmas comes early...

Exciting news!  Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation)is publishing ahead of schedule!  It will be available TOMORROW, 12 December rather than Thursday!  So excited!  Check the posts below for more info :)


Awakened Excerpt and Release Date!

Here's a sexy excerpt from my new short story Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation #1), to be released this Thursday, 13 December.  Enjoy!

“Are you alright, little one?”  A deep, drawling voice asked from behind her.
Holly jumped at its proximity, jerked from her furious thoughts.  As she spun around to face the speaker, she tripped on her heels.  Her drink went flying as she released it to catch herself on her hands.  She braced for the impact with the hard marble, but it never came.  A pair of strong arms closed around her waist, stopping her short.  Struggling to find her feet, she glanced up to thank her savior.  She almost lost her balance all over again as she took him in.
He was sexy in a rough-around-the-edges kind of way, with golden hair that waved gently to his chin and stubble on his strong jaw.  His nose was a bit crooked, as though it had been broken a time or two, but it only made him all the more roguishly handsome.  But it was his eyes that captivated her most: a startling, light blue-green, with a playful light that told her that he knew the effect he was having on her.
Holly swallowed hard and instinctively grasped his upper arms in order to regain her balance.  A little thrill ran through her at the feel of corded muscles under her fingers.  This man was strong.  Strong enough to throw her down and take her, ravage her…
A lopsided smile broke out on his face at her visceral reaction to him, as though he could read her thoughts.  Gripping her waist firmly, he pulled her upward so that her toes were barely touching the ground before gently lowering her back onto her high heels.  This time she was determined not to fall again, so she locked her knees, forcing her legs to support her.  They stood there for a moment, holding each other as the Dom speared her with his icy aqua gaze.  She shivered in his arms.
Then the lust in his eyes cleared, and he stepped back from her, releasing her.  Holly felt a pang at the loss of contact, but she reluctantly withdrew her hands from his arms.  He was a complete stranger, after all, and they had been touching for longer than was strictly necessary.  She blushed, but as much as she wanted to drop her eyes, she found that she could not avert her gaze from his smirking face.
He extended a hand to her.  “Hi,” he said casually, as though she hadn’t just made a fool of herself.  “I’m Holden.”
She let him take her hand in his large one, his grip firm but the power in it restrained.  She suppressed a pleasurable shudder at his touch, and again they lingered a bit too long before releasing one another.
“Holly,” she breathed as he finally released her.
“So,” he continued, “what are you doing here, sub?”
Sub.  Her true nature must be as obvious to him as his Dominant one was to her.  She thrilled at the word.
“I…”  She hesitated.  “Well, I kind of came here with someone,” she admitted.
He quirked an eyebrow.  “Oh?  And where is he?”
“We, um…  We kind of just broke up,” she said softly, uncomfortable having to make the admission.  His eyes softened.
“I’m sorry,” he said earnestly.
Anger flooded back into her as she remembered Brad’s outrageous claims.  “Don’t be,” she said definitively, her mouth twisting down into a frown.  “He and I clearly had different ideas about what it means to be a Dom.”
“And what exactly do you think it means to be a Dom?”  He asked with curiosity.
Holly shifted uncomfortably.  “Well, he seems to think that it means that he owns me, that I’m completely subordinate to him.”  She couldn’t keep the hard edge of anger from coloring her tone.
“For some people that is what it means,” Holden said gently.
“Well, that’s not what I want,” Holly replied, a bit snappishly.
Holden regarded her for a moment, his head cocked to one side.  “No,” he said finally.  “No, I can see that.”  Then he grinned, baring his teeth.  “You’re a little spitfire, aren’t you?  Well, I can tell you honey, it will make your submission all the sweeter when you finally do give in.”

Monday, 10 December 2012

Dark Grove Plantation

New title for my new project, folks!  I'm just finishing up Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation), an erotic short story.  Here is the blurb and the cover:

When Holly’s boyfriend Brad finds her stash of BDSM erotica, she is surprised that he doesn’t react with disgust.  In fact, she is downright shocked when he offers to take her to Dark Grove Plantation, an exclusive, opulent BDSM club.  Despite her niggling fears, Holly desires to indulge in her fantasies, and she agrees to go with him.  Only Brad isn’t what she thinks, and he reveals his true nature when they get to the club.

Holly begins thinking that the evening has been a bust, so is delighted to encounter Holden, a dark and mysterious Dom who captivates her instantly.  She is thrilled that he wants to introduce her to the club and to the wonders of BDSM.

But Brad isn’t too pleased when he finds out that Holly is with another man.  Will she fulfill her submissive fantasies with Holden or will Brad ruin everything?  Find out in Awakened, the first story in the new Dark Grove Plantation series!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

New Project!

So much for that lull, Readers!  I am still working on my novel Secret Submissive (Dark Submission #2), but I also have a new project in the works: a series of short stories.  Each short story will detail a submissive's adventure at an exclusive BDSM club, a converted plantation house on the South Carolina coast.  Steeped in a heady atmosphere of decadence and dark eroticism, this new series offers bite-sized erotic forays into the world of kink.

I'll update you with more information on the first story soon!

Love love

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A little lull...

Hi, Readers!  I hope everyone is enjoying the conclusion to Torn: Caught between the Billionaires!  Just wanted to let you know that it will be a couple of months before my next book, Secret Submissive (Dark Submission 2), is released.  It follows up the vampire romance Dangerous Desires.  It tells the story of Allison's best friend, Rebecca James, and her growing relationship with the werewolf Scott.  If you want an introduction to Rebecca's story, check out the short story Switched (Dark Submission 0.5): .

You can find a sample of the first chapter here: .

Enjoy!  I'll keep you posted on my progress and a release date :).

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Consequences Now Available!

Torn: Caught between the Billionaires, Book 4: Consequences is now available on Amazon!  I love this series, and I hope you do too!


Friday, 9 November 2012

Torn (Book 4: Consequences) Blurb

In the lead-up to the release of Torn (Book 4: Consequences) on 12 November, I thought I would go ahead and share the blurb with you!  Here goes:

For a month, Shay has lived in constant fear. Jonathan escaped, and nightmares of his return plague her.  Lucas does everything in his power to make her forget, including fucking her senseless.  He finally succeeds when he whisks her off to Prague.  The more time they spend together, the more he feels that he can open up to Shay, and their relationship grows stronger as he learns to trust her.

But Jonathan has been biding his time, waiting for his chance to strike.  He is determined to get his life back, and the only way he can do that is by eliminating Lucas and Shay, the two people who have torn his life apart.  Will they be able to escape him with their love and their lives intact?  Find out in this exciting conclusion to Torn: Caught between the Billionaires!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Torn (Book 4: Consequences) Release Date!

Exciting news!  Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 4: Consequences) will be released on Monday, 12 November!  I'm so excited to share the final chapter in this series with you!  xxxxx

Altered Covers, Same Books!

Hi, readers!  I just wanted to let you know that I've altered the covers ever so slightly for Lucas and Jonathan.  Nothing else in the books has changed!  I wasn't happy with how skinny the model was, as it didn't really fit with how I saw Shay.  Without further ado, here are the newly cropped covers:

I'm still happily working away on Book 4: Consequences.  So excited to get it to you soon!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Torn (Book 4: Consequences) Teaser and Cover

So I am busily working away on Torn: Caught between the Billionaires, Book 4: Consequences, and I am loving it!  I wanted to go ahead a share a teaser with y'all.  Here goes:

Chapter 1
Jonathan flashed Cecelia a broad grin, imbuing it with a predatory edge that he knew would awaken the desire within her.  And it wasn’t too difficult a role for him to play.  The petite brunette was gorgeous, after all, with strikingly blue eyes and full, red lips.  Her high cheekbones were accentuated by her hollow cheeks.  Jonathan found her slenderness immensely appealing after Shay’s curves.  He liked thin women; they felt all the more breakable.
He had been staying with the Frenchwoman in her rural chateau for a month now, slowly pulling her under his influence.  He knew that soon she would do anything for him; she was clearly already infatuated, and she had readily welcomed her into her home.  They had spent a passionate week together in Cannes a year before, and it was obvious that she still carried a flame for him.  She was perfect for his needs: rich, malleable, and desperate for him.  Jonathan was unable to touch his own money without giving away his location, so he had been relying on her hospitality.  That rankled a bit, but his influence over her had grown so that her funds were virtually his own.  And now he was so close… 
Cecelia was already on his side.  He had told her that Lucas had cooked up lies against him to steal Shay away for himself, feigning heartbreak at the loss.  Now he was preparing to make his move against them.  Very soon Cecelia would be so thoroughly under his control that she would consent to anything, even helping him kill Lucas.  But he couldn’t tell her about his plans for Shay; he still had to pretend that he harbored feelings for her.  And Cecelia’s jealousy of that fact only served to make her even more anxious to win him over, to please him.  After he fucked her tonight, he was going to broach the subject, feel out just how deep her loyalty ran.
And so he set about the task of seducing her, prowling across her spacious bedroom as he slowly approached her.  He watched with satisfaction as lust immediately flared to life in her eyes, accompanied by a look of almost slavish devotion.  When he reached her, he tangled his hands in her long, wavy hair, wrenching her head back so that he could roughly take her mouth.  He held her there for a few moments until he felt her melt in his grasp, her knees literally going weak as she began to tremble in need.  His hand moved from her hair to her throat, shoving her back so that she fell onto the bed behind her.  He was on her in an instant, gripping her wrists together, pinning them above her head.  He wrapped his other hand around her delicate neck once again, applying pressure, restricting her airflow.  It took effort to restrain himself from pressing harder, cutting off her breathing entirely.  Now that he had a taste of what it felt like to squeeze the life from a woman, he wanted more of that heady power.  Instead, he contented himself with envisioning Shay in his grip, her crystalline green eyes silently pleading with him to stop.  He grew hard at the thought.  Cecelia moaned as he thrust into her, taking her roughly.  Yes, she would soon be his.
Shay tried to force back the worry that had been constantly hovering at the edges of her mind for the past month.  Jonathan had somehow escaped and disappeared without a trace.  He could be anywhere, could be watching them even now.  She hadn’t had a full night’s sleep since learning that he had gotten away.  She was awoken by nightmares every night, living through his attack again and again.  The worst were when she actually died in the dream.  That had never happened to her before.  Sure, she had experienced the classic nightmares of falling off a cliff in her lifetime, but she had always awoken before she hit the ground.  This was different.  She could feel the life leaving her as she struggled for breath, Jonathan’s strong hand squeezing her throat.  And then… nothing.  Nothing except the knowledge that she was dead, that she would never see Lucas again.  When Lucas awoke her from these dreams, her face was wet with tears, and she clung to him as she came back to reality.  At his insistence, she had spent every night with him since Jonathan had attacked her.  But it hadn’t taken much convincing for her to comply.
It was nighttime in London, Shay’s least favorite time of day now.  Nighttime meant darkness and disturbing dreams that she could not escape.  Even in Lucas’ flat, which had the best security system money could buy, she didn’t feel entirely safe.
Then his gentle fingers were under her chin, lifting her face to his.  Meeting his gorgeous green eyes brought her back to reality; his presence was the only thing that could allay her fears.  “Come back to me, Shay.”  He spoke softly, but it was an order.  She couldn’t help complying.  Obedience to his will had become almost second nature in the time that they had spent together.  And Shay reveled in it.  During the day, she focused hard on her work, diligently overseeing the construction of Augustan Technologies’ new Charlotte headquarters.  When they worked together, Lucas was nothing but professional towards her.  It was clear that she had earned his respect, his trust, and they were developing a healthy, normal relationship.  Well, normal aside from the fact that when they were alone he was the one in charge; he could turn the tables on her at any time on a whim.  And she loved it.  The complete release from the responsibilities that weighed so heavily on her was incredibly freeing.
But Lucas could tell how worn down she was getting.  Between work and sleepless nights, she was constantly on the edge of exhaustion.  So he had ordered that she take a week off, leaving the building project in her boss’ capable hands while he whisked her off to his home in London.
“Now sub,” Lucas continued, shifting into his Dominant mode.  “I feel like I haven’t been doing my job lately.  It’s my responsibility to take care of you, and your worrying is making that incredibly difficult.”  He was speaking to her reprovingly, but he paused to plant a gentle, sweet kiss on her forehead, as though he could drive the worry from her mind with the touch of his lips.  And he almost succeeded.  “But I’m going to fuck you into exhaustion tonight.  I guarantee you that you won’t even have the energy to dream.  Understand?”

:)  xxx

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Torn (Book 3: The Choice) Release Date

I'm excited to announce that Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 3: The Choice) will be released this Thursday, November 1!  This will be followed by Book 4: Consequences.  Check back here for more info :)


The Choice Edit

To avoid confusion, I just wanted to let y'all know that the teaser I've posted has been bumped from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2.  Lucas and Shay wanted to have more sex before getting to the party ;).


Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween Spirit? Check out Dangerous Desires!

Love Halloween as much as I do?  Love the paranormal?  Check out my vampire romance, Dangerous Desires (Dark Submission #1)!

Allison Reid’s world is turned upside down when a beautiful but sadistic vampire, Rafe, attacks her. Sure that she is going to die, Allison never expects to be saved by another demon, a darkly handsome vampire named Brynden. She soon comes to realize that Brynden is not the monster that she believes him to be, and he vows to protect her from Rafe. 

Brynden McCray despises his vampiric nature, and he swears that he will keep his distance from the lovely Allison. But the sensual connection between them is undeniable. When Allison’s submissive nature is revealed, the Dominant in Brynden finds it impossible to stay away from her. As Allison finally begins to explore her long-harbored sexual fantasies, she finds herself falling hard for the vampire. Can they overcome the divide between the living and the undead?

Friday, 26 October 2012

Torn (Book 3: The Choice) Teaser and Cover!

So much Lucas and Jonathan today!  Here's a teaser and the cover for Book 3: The Choice:

Chapter 2
Shay couldn’t help feeling nervous and guilty as Lucas led her into the ballroom at The Carolinian Hotel.  Augustan Technologies was holding another party to celebrate the construction of the new headquarters that would begin next week.  She should be elated that Lucas had requested that she be his date.  Hadn’t she just spent the last two weeks longing for him to return to her?  Hadn’t she instinctively chosen his comfort over Jonathan’s after the fiasco at Tempest?
But that didn’t mean that she didn’t feel like shit about how she had treated Jonathan.  He had kept his distance for the past two days.  She hadn’t heard a word from him since that night.  She had considered calling him to apologize, but she was too much of a coward.  Although she should be blissfully happy to be on Lucas’ arm tonight, she couldn’t help thinking of her time with Jonathan.  He had been so sweet to her, had never caused her pain as Lucas had.  Her rational mind told her that she had made the wrong choice; she had rejected the nice guy.  But her irrational gut told her that she hadn’t really had a choice.  Even when she had been with Jonathan, Lucas had never left her thoughts, her heart.  Even now, her body was telling her that she had chosen well.  Her skin tingled where Lucas’ hand touched her bare arm, making it difficult to keep her focus on her tangled thoughts.
She was going to have to force herself to focus, to gather her courage.  Jonathan would certainly be here tonight, and she had to be ready to face him.  Would the passion between them still be there, tempting her?  She would prefer that he was angry at her, pushing her away rather than having to face the prospect of harboring lingering feelings for him.
“Are you alright?  You seem tense.”  Her attention turned to Lucas as he spoke to her softly, concern lacing his tone.  She was caught up in his sincere green gaze.  She didn’t want to lie to him, but the last thing she wanted was to tell him about her feelings towards Jonathan.  Not when she had just won him back.
“I’m just a bit nervous,” she hedged.  There, that would have to do.  She had learned better than to lie to Lucas; he could always tell when she was lying to him.  He frowned down at her, sensing her reticence, but mercifully he said nothing, allowing her to guard her secret.
After a moment, his frown gave way to a small smile.  “Come on,” he said.  “Let’s go do a bit of networking.”  His eyes darkened with lust.  “The sooner we get this over with the sooner we can get to… other things.”  He rubbed the pad of his thumb against her skin, and she shivered slightly at the contact.  “You look beautiful tonight, Shay.”
She dropped her eyes, blushing.  “Thank you,” she murmured.  It still amazed her that he thought of her in that way.  Just a few weeks ago, she would have considered him way out of league, but for some reason he was just as drawn to her as she was to him.  And she wasn’t about to question it lest she jeopardize it.
She allowed Lucas to steer her towards a knot of sharply dressed men and women, straightening her shoulders and preparing to enter the fray.  She knew she was doing well, and it didn’t hurt that Lucas kept turning the conversation in her direction.  Doors were definitely being opened for her tonight, and she was thrilled at the prospect of further advancing her career through managing to snag this contract.  She was confidently asserting herself, and the men and women around her were listening attentively.  But then her throat seized up, cutting off her speech; Jonathan had just entered the room.
“Shay?” Lucas asked, prompting her to rejoin the conversation.  But she couldn’t.  Not now that guilt and dread were pooling in her belly.  She glanced toward him, her eyes apologetic.
“I’m sorry,” she said.  “Please excuse me.”  Lucas’ expression tightened ever so slightly, and she was such a coward that she could no longer bear to meet his eyes.  She turned on her heel and separated herself from the group, barely noticing the rumble of conversation that resumed behind her.
Her first instinct was to run; she wasn’t ready to face Jonathan.  But he was blocking the elevators, so there was no escape that way.  She could go out on the balcony, but she would only be trapped there.
Stop being ridiculous!  What was she going to do, hide out there for the rest of the evening?  Steeling herself, she began to walk toward him.  But then his eyes swept the room, stopping when they landed on her.  She froze, all of her forced confidence leaving her.  She couldn’t do this, couldn’t face him.  But she was trapped in his unreadable blue gaze, unable to move away as he approached her.  He stopped just short of entering her personal space, and she was grateful for that.  The last thing she wanted was to piss Lucas off by seeming to flirt with Jonathan.  It was time for her to set things right, to apologize.  No matter how awkward it would be.
But doing so was going to be even more difficult than she had anticipated.  She couldn’t help the little tremor that ran through her as she gazed up at him.  Anger filled her as she recognized it as desire.  Why did her body have to betray her?  Why had she let herself get into this mess in the first place?
“Hello, Shay,” he said softly.  His voice seemed to caress her name, and heat flared in her loins.
“Jonathan,” she said quickly, wanting to get this over with and escape from him.  “I’m sorry-”
He held up a hand, stopping her.  “You don’t have to apologize, Shay.  I never should have put you in that situation.”  Shay’s jaw dropped.  Now he was apologizing to her?  God, could the guy be any nicer?  It only made her feel shittier for rejecting him.
“I’m perfectly happy to resume our professional relationship,” he continued.  “We are going to be working together for some time, and I wouldn’t want you to feel at all uncomfortable.”  His expression was earnest, his eyes sincere.  Shay could hardly believe it.
“Thank you,” she whispered.  “I’d like that.”
“Have a drink with me?”  He asked.
“Sure,” she said.  It would be beyond rude to decline after how courteous he had just been.  Jonathan flagged down a waitress and handed Shay a glass of champagne.
“To a fresh start,” he toasted her.  She clinked her glass against his politely.  She tipped her head back, taking a longer draw of the drink than was strictly necessary.  The bubbles fizzed pleasantly down her throat, this particular vintage sweeter than she was accustomed to.
“Shall we rejoin the group?”  He asked. 
Shay nodded and was relieved when he let her walk on her own rather than taking her by the arm.  But her stomach dropped when she saw the tightness of Lucas’ expression as they approached together: the lines around his eyes and the thinness of his mouth.  She avoided his gaze as they joined the circle of people, but she couldn’t ignore the uncomfortable tension that seemed to trap her between the two Dominant men on either side of her.  Trying to fight her anxiety, she gulped down her champagne much faster than was wise.  In minutes, her glass was empty, and a woman came to take it from her.  She offered Shay another drink, but she declined; she was already feeling lightheaded.
The conversation seemed to be getting away from her.  Caught in the palpable tension rolling off of Jonathan and Lucas, she couldn’t seem to focus on anything.  She was getting warm, but not in a good way.  A light sheen of sweat broke out on her brow as her anxiety rose.  Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore.  She was so hot; she needed air.  Excusing herself from the group, she made her way out to the balcony.
She gave a sigh of relief as she breathed in the fresh air, but the balmy breeze wasn’t enough to cool her heated skin.  She was starting to feel dizzy, her anxiety getting the better of her.  Within moments, her back was against the wall as she sought its support, the rough bricks lightly scraping her skin.  Closing her eyes, she drew in several deep breaths, trying to stop the spinning in her head.

Torn (Book 2: Jonathan) Now Available!

Exciting news!  Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 2: Jonathan) is now available!  To celebrate, Book 1: Lucas is FREE today!  Book 3: The Choice will be available soon!  Check back here for more info xxx

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Torn (Book 2: Jonathan) Release Date

Exciting news! Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 2: Jonathan) will be released this Friday, 26 October!  If you haven't checked out Book 1: Lucas yet, now is the time :)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Torn (Book 2: Jonathan) Teaser and Cover

For all of you who have read Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 1: Lucas), here is a teaser for Book 2: Jonathan, which will be released next week:

Chapter 1
Shay unconsciously twisted her emerald ring on her finger, around and around, as the flashy red BMW pulled up to The Carolinian Hotel.  Her nervousness rivaled the night that she had first walked into Tempest fetish club all by herself.  Lucas had told her that she had walked into the lion’s den that night.  Only tonight, there would be two lions to contend with, two alpha males that she was foolishly planning to play against each other.  She barely knew Jonathan, but she could tell from the stare-down that he and Lucas had engaged in at the fet club in London that he was not someone to just roll over when challenged.  And the fact that he had been in the club in the first place let her know that he was also a sexual Dominant, just like Lucas.
Shay’s sex pulsed lightly as she recalled the intensity of the two men as she was caught up in their silent confrontation.  Had it really been over her?
Yes, she reassured herself for the thousandth time.  Lucas was definitely acting possessive.  And lust had definitely filled Jonathan’s eyes as he studied her naked body with appreciation.  Shay could hardly grasp the concept of not one but two ridiculously beautiful men desiring her.  Maybe this was all some fantasy that she had just cooked up in her head.  After all, Lucas hadn’t contacted her since they had returned to the US three days ago.
Thank god she hadn’t seen him at the architecture firm since then; she didn’t know if she could see him again and keep a clear head.  It had been all she could do to focus on her work this week, burying herself in drawings and calculations in order to shove back memories of her time in London, of Lucas’ burning green eyes.  And of the coldness that she had seen in them on their last day together.
She could just try to play at his game, to pretend that their weekend meant nothing to her and move on with her life.  But that was impossible now that he had shown her what complete submission could feel like.  She wanted more of it.  And she wanted more of it with him. 
So tonight, she was going to make a play for him, to see which man was the real Lucas: the warm one who mixed rigidity with tenderness, or the cold, closed one who showed her nothing but callousness.  The two sides of him were too disparate to both be genuine.
She felt slightly guilty for using Jonathan in her ploy, but he didn’t seem the type to get bent out of shape over losing a potential conquest.  Where Lucas was all dark intensity, Jonathan gave off a carefree air.  Still, he was a Dom, and she didn’t think that he would take too kindly to being manipulated if he figured out what she was up to.  Hating herself slightly for being disingenuous, Shay swallowed down her niggling doubts about her plan as the car door was opened for her.
Grasping the hand offered to her, Shay glanced up to see that it was Jonathan who was helping her out of the car.  She suddenly needed the aid of that strong hand to steady herself as she took in all of him for the second time.  At six feet tall, he was a few inches shorter than Lucas, but the broadness of his shoulders told her that he was no less muscular.  A mischievous smile was playing around the corners of his full mouth, and his blue eyes danced with a playful light.
“Good evening, Shay,” he said as she fought to balance on her suddenly shaky legs.

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Meet Jake and Mallory

If you haven't checked out Captured by the Billionaire yet, or have picked up Pursued or Captured as a freebie, now is the time to get The Complete Series!  You can find it here:

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Torn: New Cover

After some deliberation, I have decided to change the cover for Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 1: Lucas).  Here's the new one:

Hope you like!  xxx

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Torn Now Available!

Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 1: Lucas) is now available on Amazon!

Happy reading :)

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Dangerous Desires- FREE

Dangerous Desires (Dark Submission 1) is FREE for the next three days on Amazon!  This is a paranormal BDSM novel.  So if you enjoyed my Captured by the Billionaire series and want more of strong heroines and sexy Doms, with a heavy dash of danger thrown in the mix, check it out!  If you're interested, there are also two short stories currently available in the series: Switched (Dark Submission 0.5) and Bratting (Dark Submission 1.5).  You don't have to read them in order, but it will add something to your reading experience!  Secret Submissive (Dark Submission 2) will be available this Holiday season, so keep an eye out here for the release date!  Here is the link to an excerpt from Secret Submissive: .

Hope you enjoy this series!

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Torn: Book 1 Release Date

Exciting news!  Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 1- Lucas) will be available this Thursday, 11 October!  The book will be broken into three parts- Book 1: Lucas, Book 2: Jonathan, and Book 3: The Choice.  Here is the blurb for Lucas:

When Shay Greene finally decides to enter the world of kink by going to Tempest fetish club, she is thrilled to meet one of the sexiest men that she has ever laid eyes on.  Tall and dark with a sexy British accent, Lucas is every inch the Dom of her dreams.  Completely taken in by him, she agrees to be his submissive for the entirety of the next weekend.  So it is to her utter shock when Lucas turns out to be Lucas Cross, the billionaire owner of Augustan Technologies who has hired her to design his new American headquarters.  Despite her reservations, Shay can’t help being helplessly attracted to the gorgeous Brit, and she finds herself being swept off to London, where Lucas demands her complete submission and utter obedience.

But Lucas has secrets, a painful past that he hides from Shay.  He is both surprised and discomfited by his intense attraction to the submissive redhead, and his conflicting feelings cause him to be cold towards her as he denies his burning need for her.

How will Shay deal with his apparent rejection?  Will she fight for Lucas or will she find solace in the arms of another?  Begin the journey with Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 1: Lucas).  And look out for Book 2: Jonathan, coming soon!


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Pursued still free

Just wanted to let you know that Pursued (Captured by the Billionaire 1) is still FREE today.  This is the last time that it will be free for the foreseeable future, so get it while you can!

It's currently #7 free in US Kindle store (erotica), so I'm thrilled!  Thank you so so much, Readers :)


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Torn-Official Cover

Here is the cover for my new book, Torn: Caught between the Billionaires.  Hope you like!  The book will be released by the end of next week.  I'll keep you posted :).

Pursued- FREE today!

Hi all!  Just wanted to let you know that Pursued (Captured by the Billionaire 1) is FREE today on Amazon!  If you like it, check out the rest of the series, or pick up Captured by the Billionaire: The Complete Series.  You can find Pursued here: US  UK

Julia xxx

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Announcement!  The new novella Torn: Caught between the Billionaires will be released by the end of next week!  I will let you know the exact date soon.

Hope y'all are as excited as I am :). xxx

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New Poll

Hey readers!  I've created a new poll (scroll down, lower right hand column) asking which installment of Captured by the Billionaire was your favorite.  I would love to get your opinions!

Love love
Julia xxx

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Torn Teaser

I'm so excited about Torn: Caught between the Billionaires that I just had to share some of it with you!  Here is part of the opening scene of the book, where Shay and Lucas first meet:

Chapter 1
Pain seared across Shay’s back in a hot, stinging wave that emanated outward from where the flogger lashed her; if this was what being a submissive was like, she wasn’t at all sure that she enjoyed it.  But no, she wanted this, was determined to see out the experience.  She gritted her teeth, barely containing the cry of pain that threatened to escape her lips.
Shay had fantasized for most of her adult life about exploring the world of kink, and at twenty-eight she had finally plucked up the courage to venture to the one BDSM club in Charlotte: Tempest.  And here she had met the Dom who was currently beating the tar out of her.  Although she was now beginning to suspect that Bobby was more of a sadist.  Surely a flogger wasn’t supposed to hurt this much?  She had told him it was her first time.  Maybe she just had a low pain tolerance?
The lash raked across her ass, leaving lines of fire in its wake.  This time she couldn’t hold back her strangled cry.  Instinctively, she tugged at the restraints around her wrists that held her firmly down over the spanking bench.  This was getting to be too much.  The promises she had made to herself about sticking it out began to waver as tears pricked at the corners of her eyes.
“Stop,” she said, struggling to keep her voice even and controlled.  But the flogger’s stinging kiss made contact with her sensitive thigh.  “Stop!”  She said more loudly, desperation lacing her tone now.  Another burning blow across her ass.  Panic began to rise in her throat.  Was he really not going to stop?  She jerked more wildly at the cuffs that held her in place, locking her in her vulnerable position.  She suddenly, starkly, realized her own powerlessness.  Only the loss of control didn’t bring her the pleasurable rush that she had hoped for; all she felt was a growing terror.
Tears were rolling down her cheeks now.  “Please!”  The word came out as almost a scream as the lash came down on her thigh again, merciless and unrelenting.  Panic engulfed her.  Was no one going to help her?  Couldn’t they see that she was truly in pain?  Oh god, when would it stop?  Surely he had to stop soon...
She squeezed her eyes shut in dread as she heard the flogger whooshing through the air once again.  But somehow, mercifully, there was no answering line of fire on her skin.
A deep, accented voice came from behind her.  “I’m not usually one to interrupt a scene, but I believe the lady wants you to stop.”
Shay nearly sobbed in relief, the sound almost drowning out Bobby’s reply: “Well, you are interrupting,” he snapped.
“No!  Please,” she interjected quickly.  “I want to stop.”  She tried to crane her neck back to look at her tormentor and her savior, but her restraints prevented her from seeing them.  Please, she thought desperately.  Please listen to me.  She forced her tone to harden.  “I may be a submissive, but I do have rights.”
“We’re not finished-” Began Bobby’s cruel voice.
“Do you want to use your safe word, sub?”  The stranger cut across him.
“Safe word?”  Shay asked.  She had heard of those, but Bobby hadn’t discussed them with her.
The accented voice let out a low curse.  When he spoke, his voice was tight, the anger in his tone carefully controlled.  “You mean to tell me,” he said coldly to Bobby, “that you did not discuss safe words before play?  I’m assuming that she’s a new submissive if she doesn’t know about them.  Were you aware of this?”
There was an uncomfortable pause from Bobby before he finally answered.  “Yes.  But how was I to know that she didn’t know about safe words?”  He said defensively.
Her savior let out a low growl.  “You always discuss safe words before a scene.  Any idiot knows that.”  His voice turned soft, dangerous.  “Now, I suggest you leave and never come back to this club.  I will be reporting you for this.”
“But-”  Bobby began.
“Now!”  He barked, his tone brooking no argument.  Shay shivered slightly at the power of it.
She jumped as gentle hands touched her wrist, the cuff around it tightening momentarily before it was unbuckled.  For some reason that she couldn’t quite identify, she glanced away from her savior before she could see him.  Keeping her eyes on the floor, a pair of polished black leather boots entered her field of vision as he circled around the spanking bench to release her other wrist.  She let out the breath that she didn’t know she was holding as relief washed over her; she was free.  Then a pair of strong arms were around her shoulders, turning her onto her back.
“Up you get, sub,” his tone was warm, gentle.  She let out a squeak of surprise as he hooked an arm under her back and another under her knees, lifting her up until she was pressed against a hard-muscled chest.  Her eyes widened and lifted of their own accord, finally meeting her savior’s eyes.
All the wind was knocked out of her as she gazed up at one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen.  His midnight-black hair waved down around his face to his strong jawline, the planes of his face were masculine and angular, and dark stubble covered his jaw, giving him ruggedly attractive looks.  And his eyes: a bright, mesmerizing bottle-green.  A small, sexy smile was playing around his full lips.  Shay’s mouth watered and she felt a sudden urge to lightly sink her teeth into that lower lip.  She licked her own lips unconsciously, and something in his eyes darkened in a way that made her stomach flutter.

Well readers, what do you think?  xxx

Captured by the Billionaire Series

Just a quick announcement: the entire Captured by the Billionaire series will be available in one collection by midnight (London time).  For those of you who have been thinking about picking up the series but hate the serialized novel format, this is your chance to check it out!

As always, I am eternally grateful to all of you, my lovely readers xxx

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No rest for the kinky...

So happy to be working on my new novella, Torn: Caught between the Billionaires today!  I'm really loving these characters.  Now, what kinky situations shall I put them in...?

I hope you're all enjoying the exciting conclusion to Jake and Mallory's story!  xxx

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Collared Now Available!

You can find it here: US  UK .

Love y'all!  Enjoy!

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Collared Teaser

Here's a little teaser from the beginning of Collared (Captured by the Billionaire 6):

Chapter 1

Mallory’s blood turned to ice at the sound of Jake’s voice calling out her name.  Her legs no longer able to support her, she sank down onto her couch.
“Miss Williams?”  The unnaturally deep, distorted voice harshly called her back to attention.  “Do you understand?  I will not hesitate to kill him if you don’t bring me the money within the next hour.”
“Please,” Mallory’s voice was strained.  “I don’t have that kind of money.”  What was she going to do?
“Then you’ll have to figure something out,” the voice said pitilessly.  “I’m texting you directions to his location.  Come alone, or we kill him anyway.”
“Please,” Mallory forced out, her tone strangled.  “I’ll get you whatever you want.  Just don’t hurt him.”
“That is entirely up to you, Miss Williams.”  The phone went dead.  Mallory was shaking so hard that the phone slipped from her fingers and clattered to the floor.  It beeped three times, letting her know that she had a text.  She reached down with trembling fingers and scooped it up.  As promised, the kidnappers had sent her directions to where she was supposed to go.
Her first instinct was to get help, to call the police.  But no, they had told her to come alone.  She swallowed down the fear rising in her throat.  She couldn’t risk Jake.
It wouldn’t take more than twenty minutes to reach his location.  That gave her just under forty minutes to come up with five-hundred thousand dollars.  A mad giggle escaped her.  It might as well have been five-hundred million; she had just over one thousand dollars in her bank account.  She raked her fingers through her hair in frustration.
What am I going to do?  She wondered frantically, wracking her brain for a solution.

;)  xxx

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So Close!

Just had to share my excitement for the upcoming release of Collared (Captured by the Billionaire 6)!  I can't wait to share it with y'all!  I really hope that you all love the exciting conclusion to the series as much as I do :).  Collared will be available for purchase 25 September (by midnight London time, so it might even be Monday for you US readers!)

I'll miss Jake and Mallory, but I'm excited to get back to Rebecca and Scott!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What's in the Works...

I just wanted to make a few announcements about what's in the works right now.  I am still intermittently working on Secret Submissive (Dark Submission 2), my dominant werewolf-seduces-human switch story.  Hopefully it will be finished sometime in November (I know that's a bit later than I previously said, but I got distracted by Jake and Mallory!).

My next project (to run concurrently with Secret Submissive) will be another billionaire story, a novella involving a love triangle.  A new submissive finds herself torn between two billionaires who are competing for her affections.  But are both of their motives pure?  Working title is Torn: Caught Between the Billionaires.  Menage potential?  I think so!  Also: Prague :) .  I'll give you more updates as it develops!

For now, I am running through the last edits on Collared (Captured by the Billionaire 6), which will be the final installment in the serialized novel.

I'm excited, and I hope you are too!

PS I've started a new poll on the lower right hand side of the page.  I would love it if you would take a sec to vote!  xxx