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Torn- Holiday Prices!

I've lowered the prices for the Torn: Caught between the Billionaires series for the Holidays!  Book 1: Lucas is now $0.99, Books 2-4 - Jonathan, The Choice, and Consequences - are each $1.49, and The Complete Series is $4.99!  Now is the time to check out the series!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Captured by the Billionaire- New Price!

For the Holidays, Captured by the Billionaire (The Complete Series) has been reduced to $3.99!  And all of the installments are only $0.99!  Now is the time to check out the series!

Julia xxx

Friday, 21 December 2012

Meet Gwen and Damien

So, here we go.  As promised, here's a teaser from Broken (Dark Grove Plantation 3)!  Enjoy! xxx

Something akin to fear stirred in Gwen’s belly as he approached the bar, shooting her a predatory smile.
Damien was the last person she wanted to see.  Just the few moments of anticipating his proximity filled her with dread.  He had made his interest clear ever since he had come to Dark Grove Plantation for the first time three months ago.  Despite the presence of dozens of other gorgeous, single submissives, he had honed in on her, the only one who was definitely unavailable.
And to make it worse, she was fiercely attracted to him too.  He was undeniably beautiful, his meticulous grooming matching his carefully controlled manner. There was no trace of stubble on his square jaw, and his black hair was always carefully styled.   The man was fit, his muscles obvious beneath the suits that he always wore.  There was power in his every movement, and he dominated the space around him.  And his eyes: such a dark brown that they were nearly black.  They reminded Gwen of a demon’s eyes.  A sexy incubus who would lure her in with no more than a look before devouring her body and her soul…
The women that he passed by on his way to the bar watched him hungrily.  But he ignored them, his eyes locked on Gwen.
Why me?  She wondered, a bit miserably.  What could he possibly see in me?
Gwen had to admit to herself that she liked her wavy blonde hair and light green eyes, but she was short and undeniably curvy.  Her large breasts were a bonus, she supposed, but she wouldn’t mind having a little less weight on her hips.
She sighed, struggling to push back her insecurities and put on a brave face.  She plastered on her usual bright smile.
“Hi, Damien,” she greeted.  ‘What can I get for you?”
His black eyes bored into her as his leer twisted down into a frown.
“I would prefer it if you addressed me as ‘Sir,’” he replied tersely.
Now it was Gwen’s turn to frown.  “What can I get for you, Damien?”  She placed emphasis on his name.  No way was she calling him “Sir.”  She was afraid that the word would taste too sweet on her tongue, and she didn’t think that she could handle that.
His expression turned forbidding, and Gwen had to fight back an urge to shrink away.
“Are you being intentionally rude, sub?”  He asked softly.  “Because you have to know that I won’t tolerate it.  Not from you.”
Gwen crossed her arms over her chest, trying to convey her annoyance.  But instead it felt more like she was protecting herself.  Damien’s eyes flicked down to her breasts, which were pressed together wantonly by her stance.  Gwen quickly shifted so that her hands were on her hips instead.  But Damien’s eyes did not shift; they burned her like a hot touch, and she felt her nipples pebble against the inside of her corset.
“If you have a problem with me, then you can report it to management,” she snapped to cover her discomfiture.  “But I have to warn you that they won’t take too kindly when I let them know that you’re harassing me.”
That got his attention.  His eyes returned her gaze directly, his gaze steady, challenging.  Gwen held it for a few long moments, but it was difficult; she had to fight the urge to drop her eyes submissively in the wake of his hard stare.  Eventually, his frown curled upward in a small, amused smile, as though he was impressed by her.
“I do enjoy a challenge, Gwen,” he said, his voice low and rough.  “But you must know that I always win in the end; I always get what I want.  You’ll break eventually.”
This time Gwen couldn’t repress a small shiver at the intensity of his words.  A part of her wanted that fiercely, wanted him to take her, to bend her to his will.  But that wouldn’t happen.  Not ever.  She knew that he would break her open, would lay her soul bare.  She wouldn’t be able to hide anything from him.  And that terrified her.  She had been hurt too many times before to allow herself to be vulnerable like that.
“So, what’s your poison?”  She asked insistently.
“McCallan.  Neat.”
The man’s drink was as refined as he was.  And just as intense, burning as it slid down your throat…
She was grateful for the excuse to turn away from him as she poured his drink.  But the tension was still there, pulsing between them like a palpable thing.  And his scent was there; soap and pine.
Stop that!  She told herself firmly.  I’m not interested, I’m not interested…
She went to set his glass on the bar, and he grasped it quickly, letting his hand touch hers as he took it from her.  He lingered for a moment, and Gwen found that she didn’t want to break the contact.  His touch sent little tingles of electricity running up her arm and down her spine.  She felt her sex flare to life, heating and pulsing.
She jerked her hand away, almost causing the glass to tip over.  Damien steadied it quickly, not allowing the golden liquid to slosh over the sides.  Gwen peeked up at him to find that he was smiling at her slyly, as though he knew exactly the effect he had had on her.  And damn it if he wasn’t right.
“Sorry,” she mumbled quickly before turning away from him.
“Wait,” he commanded, grabbing her wrist firmly and stopping her short.  “Stay a while.”  His eyes were dancing, triumphant in his small victory over her.
But she jerked her hand away, frightened of her reaction to him, that she had given him even a tiny glimpse through her falsely bright exterior to her vulnerable side.
“I have other customers to serve,” she said, trying for a terse tone.
She saw him frown as she turned away from him again, but she was too relieved to escape him to feel bad about it.  But he stayed by the bar, watching her.  She could feel his eyes on her, raking over her.
After a while, a pretty brunette sub plucked up the courage to approach him.  Gwen watched them out of the corner of her eye.  The girl was clearly desperate for him, leaning into him and thrusting out her chest.  Damien shot one last look at Gwen before nodding at the submissive, and they left the bar together, the brunette following him out with a slavish look on her face.
Something that felt suspiciously like jealousy made Gwen’s gut twist.
No.  I am not jealous.  God, the man was messing with her head.  She busied herself with serving customers, throwing herself into activity to drive him from her thoughts.
But as soon as the club closed and everyone left, he invaded her mind once more.
“Hey, Gwen,” her co-worker Gerald snapped her out of her reverie.  “You think that the bar is clean enough?”  He was smiling, his eyes gently mocking.  Gwen jumped and then blushed, realizing that she had been wiping the same spot for a few minutes too long.
“Sorry,” she said.  “I guess I’m just tired.”
“Or your mind is somewhere else,” Gerald said, seeing right through her.  “What’s up, Gwen?”
“Nothing,” she replied, a bit too quickly.  “I really am just tired.”  No way was she going to admit that she couldn’t get Damien out of her mind.  She busied herself with finishing up, desperate to get away from Dark Grove and get home.  She could swear that she could still smell him, that his scent still lingered in the bar.  Or was it just in her mind?
When they had finished work for the night, Gwen half-ran to her car, relieved to escape.  Maybe she would come to her senses if she could just get away from Dark Grove.  The place was a constant reminder of him, of their disconcerting encounter.  She breathed a sigh of relief when she was in the safety of her car.
But she could still swear that his scent lingered in the confined space, as though it clung to her, refusing to dissipate.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Torn- New Covers

New covers for the Torn: Caught between the Billionaires series!  Check them out!

Dark Grove Plantation 3

Announcement!  I am currently working on Broken (Dark Grove Plantation #3)!  Here is the cover.  I'll post a teaser in the near future :).

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Taken Now Available!

Taken (Dark Grove Plantation 2) is now available on Amazon!


Friday, 14 December 2012

Taken Cover and Awakened FREE

It's official: Option A is the cover for Taken (Dark Grove Plantation 2) :) .  Thanks for your help!  It will be published TOMORROW, 15 December!  To celebrate, Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation 1) will be FREE!  If you haven't checked it out yet, now is the time!  xxx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Taken Blurb and Cover!

Here's the blurb and cover for Taken (Dark Grove Plantation 2), coming soon!

High-powered lawyer Ella has always been a Domme, relishing winning in the courtroom and in the kinky playroom.  But sexy Dom Brandon is fiercely attracted to her, and he has other plans for her, plans that involve her kneeling at his feet.  Despite her avid resistance, Ella finds her tough exterior cracking as she is lured in by Brandon’s erotic games.  She is determined to win, but can she defeat the persistent, powerful Dom?

Meanwhile, one of Ella’s infatuated submissives can’t stand her rejection.  How far will he go to win her back?

Find out in Taken, the second short story in the Dark Grove Plantation series!

New Short: Taken (Dark Grove Plantation 2) Excerpt!

Hi Readers!  Hot on the heels of the release of Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation 1), I'm working on the second book in the series, Taken.  The story follows Ella, the Domme who we met in Awakened as the Dom Brandon brings out her submissive side.  Here's a teaser for you :).  Cover and longer blurb to follow soon!

Ella grinned evilly as she brought the crop down hard on Holly’s pert ass.  The curvy little sub cried out at the blow, but Ella knew by the way that she arched back into her that she was enjoying herself.  She glanced at Holly’s Dom, a silent question in her eyes.  Holden held up two fingers, a small smirk on his face as he watched Ella dominate his sub.  She nodded at him in understanding, and laid two more blows across Holly’s sensitive thighs in quick succession.  This time the sub nearly screamed at the intensity.  But Ella could tell by her glassy eyes that she had entered subspace, pushed over the edge by the pain.
Holden was at her side, murmuring in her ear, kissing her throat.  Then he bit down on the delicate skin where her neck met her shoulder.  At the same time, he touched his fingers to her clit, pinching hard.  Holly moaned as she came, tugging at the chains that held her suspended as she writhed at the intensity of her orgasm.  As she came down off her high, gasping, Ella gently ran her fingernails over the sub’s abused ass, making her shudder pleasurably.
Ella helped Holden release Holly from her bonds, and then he carried her to one of the couches at the corner of the room, holding her tightly to his chest.  Ella could tell from the way that he looked at her that he was utterly smitten, and she felt a pang in her chest, longing for that connection with her own man.
But not a Dom, she thought firmly.  Certainly not a Dom.
Ella was infamous at Dark Grove Plantation for the way that she reduced men – and women, for that matter – to simpering messes.  She was good at what she did.  Very good.  And she relished their submission.
She enjoyed her high-powered job as a lawyer, but it was also high-stress.  Men were always underestimating her in the courtroom, and it gave her immense satisfaction to smack them down, to win.  And she found great relief from the indignation that she felt at their initial derision by playing with men who revered her.  The disparity between condescending men and worshipful ones seemed to provide the balance she needed to feel like an equal.  Not to mention that being a Domme gave her the confidence she needed to be a successful lawyer.  She won in the playroom and in the courtroom.
But unfortunately, she had never found that she was romantically attracted to any of her subs.  Something about how they were subordinate to her made her feel uneasy entering into a relationship.
Suppressing a sigh, Ella turned her eyes away from Holden and Holly, heading for the bar.  She could use a drink. 
Not because I’m upset, she told herself.  I’m just thirsty after that workout.
She checked to see if her friend Jo was working the bar tonight.  The pretty blonde was always nice to her, and she had even let Ella Domme her a few times.  Unfortunately, she was nowhere in sight.  It would have been nice to have someone to talk to.
She ordered a rum and coke and then stationed herself in a dark corner, trying her best not to look sulky.  She should be focusing on the crowd, picking out her next conquest.  But she just wasn’t up for it.  Instead, she found herself fussing with her short leather skirt; adjusting it gave her an excuse to do something else.
“Hey there, little one.”  Ella tried not to jump at the sound of his voice, so sexy with its Southern twang.
Crap.  The last person she wanted to talk to right now was Brandon, especially when she was off her game.
She glared up at him.  “I’ve told you not to call me that,” she snapped.
“What would you prefer?”  He asked, the corners of his mouth curling upward in amusement.
“‘Mistress’ would suit you nicely,” she retorted, lifting her chin to give him an imperious stare.
He laughed softly, his hazel eyes dancing.  “I think I’ll stick to my preferred moniker, but thanks anyway.”
Ella threw up her hands in exasperation, rolling her eyes at him.
His strong arms were around her instantly, his palms pressed against the wall on either side of her, trapping her.  “I don’t permit people to roll their eyes at me,” he said softly, a dangerous edge to his voice.
Ella couldn’t stop her eyes from widening.  The nerve of him!  But she couldn’t deny her attraction to him, and it was only heightened by his close proximity.  His eyes had shifted from genial brown to an intense, dark green now, offsetting his curly black hair that she secretly wanted to run her hands through.  And his scent…  She wanted to drink it in.  He smelled of amber and musk and darkness.  Looking up into his eyes, she had to resist the urge to swallow hard.
“When will you admit that you want me, little one?”  He asked, his voice low and rough.
Ella shook her head vigorously.  “Never,” she whispered.
“You’ll never admit it, or you’ll never want me?”  He asked with a sly smile.
“Both.  Either,” she said, getting flustered.  His closeness was throwing her off, his masculine scent wreaking havoc on her brain, making her think that she did want him.  But that was crazy.  Brandon was a Dom through and through.  And Ella wasn’t interested in a man who wanted to undermine her.
She pressed her hands against his hard chest, resisting the urge to run her fingers over his sculpted body, to lightly sink her nails into his flesh…
Stop that!  She ordered herself.
He didn’t budge a millimeter. Ella was unsettled, but she felt her body betray her, and her sex pulsed as she realized her predicament.  What was wrong with her?  She needed to get out of here, to go home.
“Back off,” she hissed.  “Or I’ll make you.”
Brandon just chuckled.  “You’re cute when you’re angry, you know,” he told her.  Then he cocked his head at her.  “But I have to ask: Just how are you planning to get out of this?”
His smug expression was enough to quell her lust for him.  She shot him an evil smile before shouting, “Red!”
Several people turned to look at them, their attention caught by the sight of Ella, the infamous Domme, shouting out a safe word.  She was slightly embarrassed that they had heard, but it was the only way that she knew to force Brandon away from her.
He growled, and his hands clenched to fists against the wall.  He stared down at her for a moment, his green eyes stormy.  Then he pushed away from her.  Ella determinedly held back her sigh of relief.
“Fine,” he snapped.  “You win.  For now.”

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Awakened now available!

You can now buy Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation) on Amazon!

Happy reading!  xxx

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Christmas comes early...

Exciting news!  Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation)is publishing ahead of schedule!  It will be available TOMORROW, 12 December rather than Thursday!  So excited!  Check the posts below for more info :)


Awakened Excerpt and Release Date!

Here's a sexy excerpt from my new short story Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation #1), to be released this Thursday, 13 December.  Enjoy!

“Are you alright, little one?”  A deep, drawling voice asked from behind her.
Holly jumped at its proximity, jerked from her furious thoughts.  As she spun around to face the speaker, she tripped on her heels.  Her drink went flying as she released it to catch herself on her hands.  She braced for the impact with the hard marble, but it never came.  A pair of strong arms closed around her waist, stopping her short.  Struggling to find her feet, she glanced up to thank her savior.  She almost lost her balance all over again as she took him in.
He was sexy in a rough-around-the-edges kind of way, with golden hair that waved gently to his chin and stubble on his strong jaw.  His nose was a bit crooked, as though it had been broken a time or two, but it only made him all the more roguishly handsome.  But it was his eyes that captivated her most: a startling, light blue-green, with a playful light that told her that he knew the effect he was having on her.
Holly swallowed hard and instinctively grasped his upper arms in order to regain her balance.  A little thrill ran through her at the feel of corded muscles under her fingers.  This man was strong.  Strong enough to throw her down and take her, ravage her…
A lopsided smile broke out on his face at her visceral reaction to him, as though he could read her thoughts.  Gripping her waist firmly, he pulled her upward so that her toes were barely touching the ground before gently lowering her back onto her high heels.  This time she was determined not to fall again, so she locked her knees, forcing her legs to support her.  They stood there for a moment, holding each other as the Dom speared her with his icy aqua gaze.  She shivered in his arms.
Then the lust in his eyes cleared, and he stepped back from her, releasing her.  Holly felt a pang at the loss of contact, but she reluctantly withdrew her hands from his arms.  He was a complete stranger, after all, and they had been touching for longer than was strictly necessary.  She blushed, but as much as she wanted to drop her eyes, she found that she could not avert her gaze from his smirking face.
He extended a hand to her.  “Hi,” he said casually, as though she hadn’t just made a fool of herself.  “I’m Holden.”
She let him take her hand in his large one, his grip firm but the power in it restrained.  She suppressed a pleasurable shudder at his touch, and again they lingered a bit too long before releasing one another.
“Holly,” she breathed as he finally released her.
“So,” he continued, “what are you doing here, sub?”
Sub.  Her true nature must be as obvious to him as his Dominant one was to her.  She thrilled at the word.
“I…”  She hesitated.  “Well, I kind of came here with someone,” she admitted.
He quirked an eyebrow.  “Oh?  And where is he?”
“We, um…  We kind of just broke up,” she said softly, uncomfortable having to make the admission.  His eyes softened.
“I’m sorry,” he said earnestly.
Anger flooded back into her as she remembered Brad’s outrageous claims.  “Don’t be,” she said definitively, her mouth twisting down into a frown.  “He and I clearly had different ideas about what it means to be a Dom.”
“And what exactly do you think it means to be a Dom?”  He asked with curiosity.
Holly shifted uncomfortably.  “Well, he seems to think that it means that he owns me, that I’m completely subordinate to him.”  She couldn’t keep the hard edge of anger from coloring her tone.
“For some people that is what it means,” Holden said gently.
“Well, that’s not what I want,” Holly replied, a bit snappishly.
Holden regarded her for a moment, his head cocked to one side.  “No,” he said finally.  “No, I can see that.”  Then he grinned, baring his teeth.  “You’re a little spitfire, aren’t you?  Well, I can tell you honey, it will make your submission all the sweeter when you finally do give in.”

Monday, 10 December 2012

Dark Grove Plantation

New title for my new project, folks!  I'm just finishing up Awakened (Dark Grove Plantation), an erotic short story.  Here is the blurb and the cover:

When Holly’s boyfriend Brad finds her stash of BDSM erotica, she is surprised that he doesn’t react with disgust.  In fact, she is downright shocked when he offers to take her to Dark Grove Plantation, an exclusive, opulent BDSM club.  Despite her niggling fears, Holly desires to indulge in her fantasies, and she agrees to go with him.  Only Brad isn’t what she thinks, and he reveals his true nature when they get to the club.

Holly begins thinking that the evening has been a bust, so is delighted to encounter Holden, a dark and mysterious Dom who captivates her instantly.  She is thrilled that he wants to introduce her to the club and to the wonders of BDSM.

But Brad isn’t too pleased when he finds out that Holly is with another man.  Will she fulfill her submissive fantasies with Holden or will Brad ruin everything?  Find out in Awakened, the first story in the new Dark Grove Plantation series!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

New Project!

So much for that lull, Readers!  I am still working on my novel Secret Submissive (Dark Submission #2), but I also have a new project in the works: a series of short stories.  Each short story will detail a submissive's adventure at an exclusive BDSM club, a converted plantation house on the South Carolina coast.  Steeped in a heady atmosphere of decadence and dark eroticism, this new series offers bite-sized erotic forays into the world of kink.

I'll update you with more information on the first story soon!

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