Tuesday 16 June 2015


Hi Readers!

It's been a while since I've been in touch. Several things have happened in the last few months that have slowed my usual writing pace. Some are personal, others have to do with my books. On the latter note, I had previously announced that I would be releasing Dark Submission, a new vampire romance, in June. Well, last month I made a decision to push that release back. I want to write a few books in that series and then give them to y'all close together so you don't have to wait. This means it'll be about a year before I launch the Dark Submission series.

So what else is in the works? Highlander (Impossible #10) is currently in production. I'm aiming to have it ready for release in September.

That means my new set of serialized novellas will be released in June-August! There are five bite-sized books in the RENEGADE series (approx 20k words each), and all of them will be released over two and a half months. I'm currently wrapping up the first book, TARGET. It will be released on June 30!

Here's the blurb for TARGET:
When Ian saves Lissa from a terrible first date, he discovers that they share a sizzling physical connection. Unwilling to draw the seemingly innocent young woman into his world of violence and espionage, Ian tries to keep his distance. But when the blonde bombshell asks him to introduce her to BDSM, all bets are off.

Ian vows to protect her from his secret life, but Lissa quickly becomes involved in the danger that surrounds him. What neither of them realize is her secrets might put them both in greater peril than Ian ever imagined.

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I am so excited to share this new story and fresh set of characters with y'all! I hope you enjoy Ian and Lissa's story!

Much Love,
Julia xxx

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