Sunday, 26 August 2012

Billionaires! Billionaires Everywhere!

...And now there's going to be one more.  I am currently working on Pursued, the first part of the serialized erotic novel Captured by the Billionaire.  Before you roll your eyes at me, let's take a moment to consider the recent popularity of the billionaire phenomenon.  The archetype of a powerful, dominant man is a potent one, and who better to embody that in modern society than a billionaire?  I suddenly had a hankerin' to write in the real world, and these characters just waltzed into my head.  I'm still tapping away at Secret Submissive (Dark Submission #2) at the same time (I'm hoping to have it ready to release by the beginning of October).  Look for Pursued on Amazon very soon!  I'll keep you posted :)

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