Monday, 25 February 2013

A few lines from Monster

So I wanted to share a few lines from Monster (Impossible #1) with you.  I think they're pretty funny and show Claudia's strength of character, given that she can show such levity in her situation.  I'd love to know what you think!  xxx

Sean’s face softened as he met my eye.  “Of course.  Sorry, I should have thought of that.”  He looked me up and down, again taking in the fact that I wore his clothes.  The corner of his mouth quirked upward, as though he couldn’t help it.  I felt myself blush under his scrutiny, again becoming aware of how his scent clung to the t-shirt I wore.  “I guess you’ll be needing new clothes, too,” he said after a moment.
Sure, I wanted to say snidely.  I would love an orange jumpsuit.  Or maybe some old-school black and white stripes.  Orange isn’t really my color.
But I held it back.  I really did want some fresh clothes, and the way that Sean looked at me while I was wearing his made me distinctly uncomfortable.
“Yeah,” I replied instead, “that would be nice.”  But it didn’t feel nice.  My stomach twisted as I realized that getting a new wardrobe meant that I was definitely staying here for a while.  I felt like Belle in Beauty and the Beast.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the chest of drawers turned anthropomorphic, bursting into song as it proffered me eighteenth-century French dresses, telling me, “You’ll look ravishing in this one!”
I couldn’t suppress a small sigh, although I knew I should try to look grateful in order to ingratiate myself with Sean, my own personal Beast.  Only he was far, far sexier.  I frowned at myself, resenting him for making me feel this way.  Why did he have to be so goddamn hot?

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