Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Impossible Series Update

So I had a loooong flight yesterday.  The entertainment systems were broken, but I was too tired to write.  However, I could still close my eyes and think (if for no other reason than to try to tune out the screaming child three rows back).  I started thinking about Sharon, Clayton's fellow FBI agent and friend, who we met briefly in Avenger and will get to know a little better in Savior.  I decided that she deserved to find happiness with her own sexy Dom.  It also occurred to me that it made more sense to tell her story before Lydia and Smith's (Knight).  Therefore, Knight, previously announced as An Impossible Novel #2, will now be #3.  I am excited to announce that Sharon's story will be titled Rogue (An Impossible Novel #2).  Stay tuned here and on Goodreads for updates!

Julia xxx

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