Saturday, 2 March 2013

A sexy little excerpt...

So I've shared the drama of the opening scene of Monster with you ( and a few funny lines (  I think I owe you a hint of erotica.  Here goes:

“Please,” I groaned.  “Sean, please.”  I pressed my hips up into him, grinding against him.
In a move faster than I could comprehend, his mouth left me.  There was a loud crack as his hand came down on my soft flesh.  A burning, stinging sensation bloomed on my breast.  I gasped in shock at the pain.
“I told you to stay still.”  
I stared up at him, wide-eyed.  His expression was hard, forbidding.  I trembled beneath him, torn between fear and intense arousal at his treatment of my body.
“I…  I’m sorry,” I forced out through heaving breaths.
His expression twisted upward into a satisfied smile, one with a slight edge of cruelty to it.  He reached out for me, and I braced myself for further retribution.  But he cupped my face in his large, calloused hand, tracing his thumb lightly across my lips.  My tongue darted out, licking at him tentatively.  He applied pressure, easing his thumb into my mouth.  I swirled my tongue around it, sucking gently.
His green eyes filled with unmistakable lust.  And a hint of wonder.  “Fuck, Claudia,” he breathed.  His cock twitched against me as he hardened impossibly further.  He pulled his thumb from my mouth and leaned into me.  My lips parted for him, ready to accept his kiss.

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