Saturday, 9 March 2013

Updates and Tidbits...

So I know I've been talking a lot about Monster (Impossible #1) lately.  Sorry if it's getting like a broken record.  The first thing of note: 20 days until its release date!  Yay!

Secondly, I am busily working away on Impossible #2!  The title is Angel, and it is a re-telling of Monster from Sean's point of view.  Here is a little teaser from the blurb:

I almost died that night.  And then what did I do?  I assaulted and terrified the woman who had saved my life.  And then I told her that her life was over, that she could never leave my apartment.  But as much as I knew that she hated me, I couldn’t help being fiercely attracted to her.  The more I got to know her, the more I wanted her.  God, just how fucked up am I?
-Sean Reynolds

Check back here for more on Angel in the coming weeks!  Release date planned for early April.

Julia xxx

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