Monday, 1 April 2013

Traitor (Impossible #2) Blurb

Here's the blurb for Traitor (Impossible #2)!

I couldn’t believe what I had done, what I had allowed Sean to do to me.  He was a part of the world of violence that I hated, a world that stood for everything that was the antithesis of my life’s purpose.  I had thought that I had gotten over the hatred that I felt for him when he had first abducted me, but now the agony that I felt at his betrayal only brought that feeling roaring back to the fore.  He had ripped me open, exposing me to the pain in my soul that I had hidden from for fourteen years.  How could I ever forgive him for that?

Dr. Claudia Ellers’ life, her very self, has been utterly destroyed by Sean Reynolds.  She knows that she should turn him over to justice.  He deserves it after what he did to her.  Doesn’t he?  Will she go through with her betrayal or will she succumb to Sean’s power over her once again, risking everything, most of all her heart?

Release date 12 April 2013!
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