Saturday, 3 August 2013

Angel (A Companion to Monster) Blurb and Cover Reveal

I announced a few months back that I was writing Angel, which is Monster from Sean's point of view.  Instead of writing six Impossible novellas with alternating POVs as originally planned, I decided to continue with Claudia's side of the story.  However, I have recently returned to Angel because I missed Sean like whoa.  I am still in the early stages of writing Rogue (An Impossible Novel, #2), but I am going to focus on Angel for the next few weeks.  I anticipate an early September release date :).  Here are the blurb and cover:

I almost died that night.  And then what did I do?  I assaulted and terrified the woman who had saved my life.  And then I told her that her life was over, that she could never leave my apartment.  But as much as I knew that she hated me, I couldn’t help being fiercely attracted to her.  The more I got to know her, the more I wanted her.  God, just how fucked up am I?

Sean Reynolds’ life changes on the day he gets shot, the day he meets Dr. Claudia Ellers.  His best friend, Bradley Smith, kidnapped her to save his life.  But Sean can’t let him kill her, not after what she did for him.  At the same time, he knows that he can’t let her go.  But she hates him for what he has done to her, understandably so.  And he hates himself for it.  What’s worse: he wants her, more than he has ever wanted any woman.  He craves to take her, to dominate her body and watch her writhe beneath him in ecstasy.  Their forced isolation only makes it that much harder as he has to resist her day after day, a burden which grows heavier as he comes to know her better.  She knows pain, just as he does, and he can see that she needs release just as badly as he needs control.

But how could she possibly ever feel anything for him but disgust after what he has done to her?  And how could he live with himself if he seduces a woman who can’t escape him?  He couldn’t.  Not if he did that to her.  But does he have a hope of resisting her?

I'm so excited to get more time with Sean and Claudia!  I will post an excerpt and updated release date info in the next few weeks :).  Keep updated on Angel on Goodreads.

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