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Angel Teaser

Hey y'all!  The release of Angel (Impossible #1.5) is 9 days away!  I thought I would post a little teaser for you.  Sean's head is a pretty muddled place at this point....

The flicker of relief that crossed her face as Bradley unlocked the door sent a hot spear of anger shooting through my gut.  The one thing that had consoled me about this whole shitty situation was that she was more afraid of him than she was of me.  And while I knew that was completely fucked up, I couldn’t help the fury I felt at seeing her relieved expression at his return.   I refused to even contemplate the sour tang of jealousy that arose in the back of my throat. 
Did she really prefer his violently threatening presence to my erotically threatening one?  And how shitty was I for even wondering something like that?  Did I really expect her to be more comfortable with the prospect of rape than a beating?
My jaw ached as I ground my teeth in frustration.
Not rape.  I would never do that, not to any woman.  And certainly not to her.
But you do want to do that, the castigating voice that lurked in the back of my mind whispered insidiously.  I wanted to tie her down and hurt her.  And even though in my fantasies she was a willing, eager participant, manipulating a sexually naïve woman into submitting to me was just as twisted as fucking her brutally without her consent.
Wasn’t it?
“Here,” Bradley said gruffly as he tossed a bag of clothes at Claudia.  Her eyes flashed and her lips pursed together tightly as she examined its contents.  They clearly weren’t to her liking.  Damn it.  I knew that women could be very picky about their clothing; their personal identity was often tied into their sense of style.  Maybe it would have been better if I just let her wear my clothes instead of making her feel like she was having to surrender yet another part of herself.
Or maybe I was just telling myself that because I would love to see her wearing my white t-shirt every day.  And nothing else.
Yeah, because that would make her way more comfortable, I thought derisively.
When she spoke to Bradley, her tone was as icy as her glare.  “Can I have that shower now?”  There was none of the meek hesitancy in the request as there had been when she had asked me the same question earlier.  Between Bradley’s threats and my blatant flirting, Claudia seemed to be reaching the end of her rope.  She needed a break from us, a few moments of privacy.  And hell if I didn’t need that too.  I could use some time away from her, a chance to get my head screwed on straight. 
Because when I was around her, I was completely out of control.  I couldn’t seem to regulate my thoughts, my mouth, or my dick.  Most things in my life might be hopelessly out of my hands, but in my own bedroom I was always the one in control.
She was a paradox.  Everything in me screamed at me to demand her submission, but that need was so insistent that I couldn’t govern my own reactions to her.  Being around her was maddening, was making me lose my grip on the only aspect of my life where I could be in control: sex.
My knee-jerk reaction was to resent her, to hate her for that.  But I just hated myself.  I had always had my qualms about my lifestyle, but I had managed to shove them to the back of my mind.  If I didn’t have this, then I would have gone crazy a long time ago.  And I would probably be dead.  I would have tried to kill my father for what he did to me, for who he has forced me to become, and I certainly wouldn’t have survived that, even if I had succeeded.  Someone who wanted to take his place would have made an example of me.
My father had taken everything from me, but I wouldn’t let him have this.  I wouldn’t let him taint the only source of pleasure in my life.
I’m not like him.  I don’t want to hurt women.  That’s not why I’m like this.
But I did hurt women.  And I enjoyed it.  Watching a woman’s ass redden under my hand got me hard, and seeing the submission in her eyes as I did so gave me a rush unlike anything else.  I might cloak it in the guise of pleasure, but how was beating a woman into submission any different from what my father had done to my mother?
I glared at Claudia’s retreating back as she headed towards the bathroom, Bradley in tow.  She was making me consider forsaking the only good thing in my life.
But that wasn’t fair.  It wasn’t her fault that she was trapped in my room with me, tormenting me.  With that thought, my resentment turned on Bradley for putting her here, and another fissure cracked in the brotherly bond that I had always shared with him.
Once I was alone, I wasn’t granted any relief from the sexual frustration that Claudia had inflicted upon me.  My balls ached, and I longed to seek release.  I kept my hands resolutely fisted at my sides, trying to ignore the resultant pain in my shoulder from constantly tensing my muscles.
If I touched myself, then she would win; it would be an admission of my powerlessness when it came to her.  I was determined to control my lust.  If she ever did slake it, it would be on my terms.  I would come in her hot cunt, not my own hand.  And I would make her beg me for it, make her fall to her knees and moan my name as she pleaded with me to give her my cock.
I bit back a groan at my wayward thoughts.  It seemed that being freed of her presence didn’t make her any less enticing.  I was still surrounded by her scent, and the sheets were rumpled from where she had lain beside me.  Waking up with her soft body pressed up against mine had felt so damn sweet…
It seemed an eternity before I heard Bradley’s harsh voice as he pounded on the bathroom door.  “Time’s up.  I’m not going to let you run up the water bill, princess.”
My first instinct was to be relieved that she would come back and I would no longer have the option of touching myself.  But I knew that things were only about get that much worse for me once she was in my bed again.
Despite my consternation, I couldn’t hold back a small smile at the thought of the indignant expression on her face in that moment.  I didn’t think that she would take too kindly to Bradley calling her “princess”.  I almost regretted that I couldn’t see her flashing eyes and pursed lips.  She clearly thought that her censorious glare was intimidating, but the very idea of the fragile woman posing any sort of threat was laughable.
For someone so non-threatening, she’s sure done a number on me, I grudgingly admitted to myself.
When she appeared in my doorway, it became clear just how dangerous she was for me.  The hunger within me flared at the sight of her.  The dampness of her hair made it a few shades darker than usual, only further offsetting her striking, flawless alabaster skin.  The locks fell around her face in soft waves, framing her high cheekbones and delicate, pointed chin.  The dress she wore was obviously second-hand, but the way that it tapered to her waist before flaring out over her hips accentuated the feminine shape that had been obscured by her slacks and blouse.  Her long legs were revealed to me for the first time, and my gaze roved all the way up from her slender ankles to the dress’ hemline.  My mouth watered at the thought of what the frayed cotton fabric concealed.  Although the neckline was too high to hint at any cleavage, the creamy expanse of skin revealed by the spaghetti-strap design was undeniably enticing.  I longed to trace the line of her collarbone with my tongue, to hear her soft gasp as I kissed the little hollow at the base of her throat.  Just the column of her slim neck made lust pulse through me as an image of wrapping my hand around it as I fucked her flashed across my mind.
My eyes continued their upward progress, and I was pleased to see that gorgeous, soft shade of pink coloring her cheeks.  Did she enjoy the way I studied her as much as I enjoyed drinking her in?
My gaze finally locked with hers, and the predator within me stirred.  Her grey eyes were wide and slightly shocked.  Her surprise at her reaction to me as well as the embarrassment that heated her cheeks let me know that her lust for me was just as uncontrollable as mine was for her.  It might not mean that I had the upper hand, but at least we were on even footing.  She looked so damn tantalizing, an innocent who secretly longed to be corrupted.
My grin was knowing and wolfish, a dark promise that I could extinguish that innocence if she asked me to.  If she begged me to.  And I would make her beg.  She would be eager to do so once I began toying with her. 
Her plump pink lips parted slightly, and desire flickered in her eyes.  She seemed to suddenly realize her mistake, and her mouth twisted down into a scowl, her eyes narrowing.

But I knew what I had seen, and no amount of glaring was going to erase that knowledge.  Her show of resistance only further goaded my pursuit.  I would chip away at that disapproving mask until it crumbled.  I would force her to acknowledge that she wanted me.  No woman had ever presented me with such a challenge, and the thought of breaking her to my will blotted out all other thoughts, consuming me.

Can't wait for September 6th so that I can share this story with y'all!

Much Love,
Julia xxx

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