Monday, 10 September 2012

Dark Submission

I've been so caught up in the Captured by the Billionaire whirlwind that I'm afraid I've been neglecting Rebecca and Scott :(.  Never fear, once I finish Collared (Captured by the Billionaire 6), I will resume writing Secret Submissive (Dark Submission 2)!  If you enjoy the supernatural, be sure to check out the series!  It starts with the short story Switched (Dark Submission #0.5), followed by the vampire erotica novel Dangerous Desires (#1), and then the short Bratting (#1.5).  The next book (that I'm currently working on) is Secret Submissive, which moves from vampires to werewolves.  If you're not a supernatural fan, you might still enjoy the shorts, as there are no vamps or werewolves in those stories; they provide glimpses into the sex lives of the mortal women featured in the series.  Here are tiny blurbs for all of the books:

This book tells the story of Rebecca James' first foray into the world of kink.  She gathers up her courage and enters her first fetish club as a Domme.  But sexy Dom Daren sees that there is something more to her.  He shows Rebecca that what she wants might not be what she needs.  Will she maintain her dominance or will Daren convince her to Switch?

Dangerous Desires
When Allison Reid is targeted by an evil vampire named Rafe, she never expects to be saved by another demon, the sexy vampire Brynden McCray.  She soon discovers that Brynden isn't the monster that she initially believes him to be, and she finds herself falling hard for him.

Brynden despises what he is, and he is determined to keep his distance from the lovely Allison.  But when her submissive nature is revealed, the Dom in him can't resist her.  Can he protect her from Rafe as well as his own lusts?

When Brynden plays a teasing game with Allison, she decides to goad him into action by playing the brat for the first time.  Brynden is not amused, and he teaches her a lesson that she will never forget.

I hope that some of you Jake and Mallory lovers will check out this series!  Love xxx

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