Thursday, 27 September 2012

Torn Teaser

I'm so excited about Torn: Caught between the Billionaires that I just had to share some of it with you!  Here is part of the opening scene of the book, where Shay and Lucas first meet:

Chapter 1
Pain seared across Shay’s back in a hot, stinging wave that emanated outward from where the flogger lashed her; if this was what being a submissive was like, she wasn’t at all sure that she enjoyed it.  But no, she wanted this, was determined to see out the experience.  She gritted her teeth, barely containing the cry of pain that threatened to escape her lips.
Shay had fantasized for most of her adult life about exploring the world of kink, and at twenty-eight she had finally plucked up the courage to venture to the one BDSM club in Charlotte: Tempest.  And here she had met the Dom who was currently beating the tar out of her.  Although she was now beginning to suspect that Bobby was more of a sadist.  Surely a flogger wasn’t supposed to hurt this much?  She had told him it was her first time.  Maybe she just had a low pain tolerance?
The lash raked across her ass, leaving lines of fire in its wake.  This time she couldn’t hold back her strangled cry.  Instinctively, she tugged at the restraints around her wrists that held her firmly down over the spanking bench.  This was getting to be too much.  The promises she had made to herself about sticking it out began to waver as tears pricked at the corners of her eyes.
“Stop,” she said, struggling to keep her voice even and controlled.  But the flogger’s stinging kiss made contact with her sensitive thigh.  “Stop!”  She said more loudly, desperation lacing her tone now.  Another burning blow across her ass.  Panic began to rise in her throat.  Was he really not going to stop?  She jerked more wildly at the cuffs that held her in place, locking her in her vulnerable position.  She suddenly, starkly, realized her own powerlessness.  Only the loss of control didn’t bring her the pleasurable rush that she had hoped for; all she felt was a growing terror.
Tears were rolling down her cheeks now.  “Please!”  The word came out as almost a scream as the lash came down on her thigh again, merciless and unrelenting.  Panic engulfed her.  Was no one going to help her?  Couldn’t they see that she was truly in pain?  Oh god, when would it stop?  Surely he had to stop soon...
She squeezed her eyes shut in dread as she heard the flogger whooshing through the air once again.  But somehow, mercifully, there was no answering line of fire on her skin.
A deep, accented voice came from behind her.  “I’m not usually one to interrupt a scene, but I believe the lady wants you to stop.”
Shay nearly sobbed in relief, the sound almost drowning out Bobby’s reply: “Well, you are interrupting,” he snapped.
“No!  Please,” she interjected quickly.  “I want to stop.”  She tried to crane her neck back to look at her tormentor and her savior, but her restraints prevented her from seeing them.  Please, she thought desperately.  Please listen to me.  She forced her tone to harden.  “I may be a submissive, but I do have rights.”
“We’re not finished-” Began Bobby’s cruel voice.
“Do you want to use your safe word, sub?”  The stranger cut across him.
“Safe word?”  Shay asked.  She had heard of those, but Bobby hadn’t discussed them with her.
The accented voice let out a low curse.  When he spoke, his voice was tight, the anger in his tone carefully controlled.  “You mean to tell me,” he said coldly to Bobby, “that you did not discuss safe words before play?  I’m assuming that she’s a new submissive if she doesn’t know about them.  Were you aware of this?”
There was an uncomfortable pause from Bobby before he finally answered.  “Yes.  But how was I to know that she didn’t know about safe words?”  He said defensively.
Her savior let out a low growl.  “You always discuss safe words before a scene.  Any idiot knows that.”  His voice turned soft, dangerous.  “Now, I suggest you leave and never come back to this club.  I will be reporting you for this.”
“But-”  Bobby began.
“Now!”  He barked, his tone brooking no argument.  Shay shivered slightly at the power of it.
She jumped as gentle hands touched her wrist, the cuff around it tightening momentarily before it was unbuckled.  For some reason that she couldn’t quite identify, she glanced away from her savior before she could see him.  Keeping her eyes on the floor, a pair of polished black leather boots entered her field of vision as he circled around the spanking bench to release her other wrist.  She let out the breath that she didn’t know she was holding as relief washed over her; she was free.  Then a pair of strong arms were around her shoulders, turning her onto her back.
“Up you get, sub,” his tone was warm, gentle.  She let out a squeak of surprise as he hooked an arm under her back and another under her knees, lifting her up until she was pressed against a hard-muscled chest.  Her eyes widened and lifted of their own accord, finally meeting her savior’s eyes.
All the wind was knocked out of her as she gazed up at one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen.  His midnight-black hair waved down around his face to his strong jawline, the planes of his face were masculine and angular, and dark stubble covered his jaw, giving him ruggedly attractive looks.  And his eyes: a bright, mesmerizing bottle-green.  A small, sexy smile was playing around his full lips.  Shay’s mouth watered and she felt a sudden urge to lightly sink her teeth into that lower lip.  She licked her own lips unconsciously, and something in his eyes darkened in a way that made her stomach flutter.

Well readers, what do you think?  xxx

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