Monday, 29 October 2012

Halloween Spirit? Check out Dangerous Desires!

Love Halloween as much as I do?  Love the paranormal?  Check out my vampire romance, Dangerous Desires (Dark Submission #1)!

Allison Reid’s world is turned upside down when a beautiful but sadistic vampire, Rafe, attacks her. Sure that she is going to die, Allison never expects to be saved by another demon, a darkly handsome vampire named Brynden. She soon comes to realize that Brynden is not the monster that she believes him to be, and he vows to protect her from Rafe. 

Brynden McCray despises his vampiric nature, and he swears that he will keep his distance from the lovely Allison. But the sensual connection between them is undeniable. When Allison’s submissive nature is revealed, the Dominant in Brynden finds it impossible to stay away from her. As Allison finally begins to explore her long-harbored sexual fantasies, she finds herself falling hard for the vampire. Can they overcome the divide between the living and the undead?

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