Friday, 19 October 2012

Torn (Book 2: Jonathan) Teaser and Cover

For all of you who have read Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 1: Lucas), here is a teaser for Book 2: Jonathan, which will be released next week:

Chapter 1
Shay unconsciously twisted her emerald ring on her finger, around and around, as the flashy red BMW pulled up to The Carolinian Hotel.  Her nervousness rivaled the night that she had first walked into Tempest fetish club all by herself.  Lucas had told her that she had walked into the lion’s den that night.  Only tonight, there would be two lions to contend with, two alpha males that she was foolishly planning to play against each other.  She barely knew Jonathan, but she could tell from the stare-down that he and Lucas had engaged in at the fet club in London that he was not someone to just roll over when challenged.  And the fact that he had been in the club in the first place let her know that he was also a sexual Dominant, just like Lucas.
Shay’s sex pulsed lightly as she recalled the intensity of the two men as she was caught up in their silent confrontation.  Had it really been over her?
Yes, she reassured herself for the thousandth time.  Lucas was definitely acting possessive.  And lust had definitely filled Jonathan’s eyes as he studied her naked body with appreciation.  Shay could hardly grasp the concept of not one but two ridiculously beautiful men desiring her.  Maybe this was all some fantasy that she had just cooked up in her head.  After all, Lucas hadn’t contacted her since they had returned to the US three days ago.
Thank god she hadn’t seen him at the architecture firm since then; she didn’t know if she could see him again and keep a clear head.  It had been all she could do to focus on her work this week, burying herself in drawings and calculations in order to shove back memories of her time in London, of Lucas’ burning green eyes.  And of the coldness that she had seen in them on their last day together.
She could just try to play at his game, to pretend that their weekend meant nothing to her and move on with her life.  But that was impossible now that he had shown her what complete submission could feel like.  She wanted more of it.  And she wanted more of it with him. 
So tonight, she was going to make a play for him, to see which man was the real Lucas: the warm one who mixed rigidity with tenderness, or the cold, closed one who showed her nothing but callousness.  The two sides of him were too disparate to both be genuine.
She felt slightly guilty for using Jonathan in her ploy, but he didn’t seem the type to get bent out of shape over losing a potential conquest.  Where Lucas was all dark intensity, Jonathan gave off a carefree air.  Still, he was a Dom, and she didn’t think that he would take too kindly to being manipulated if he figured out what she was up to.  Hating herself slightly for being disingenuous, Shay swallowed down her niggling doubts about her plan as the car door was opened for her.
Grasping the hand offered to her, Shay glanced up to see that it was Jonathan who was helping her out of the car.  She suddenly needed the aid of that strong hand to steady herself as she took in all of him for the second time.  At six feet tall, he was a few inches shorter than Lucas, but the broadness of his shoulders told her that he was no less muscular.  A mischievous smile was playing around the corners of his full mouth, and his blue eyes danced with a playful light.
“Good evening, Shay,” he said as she fought to balance on her suddenly shaky legs.

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