Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Torn: Book 1 Release Date

Exciting news!  Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 1- Lucas) will be available this Thursday, 11 October!  The book will be broken into three parts- Book 1: Lucas, Book 2: Jonathan, and Book 3: The Choice.  Here is the blurb for Lucas:

When Shay Greene finally decides to enter the world of kink by going to Tempest fetish club, she is thrilled to meet one of the sexiest men that she has ever laid eyes on.  Tall and dark with a sexy British accent, Lucas is every inch the Dom of her dreams.  Completely taken in by him, she agrees to be his submissive for the entirety of the next weekend.  So it is to her utter shock when Lucas turns out to be Lucas Cross, the billionaire owner of Augustan Technologies who has hired her to design his new American headquarters.  Despite her reservations, Shay can’t help being helplessly attracted to the gorgeous Brit, and she finds herself being swept off to London, where Lucas demands her complete submission and utter obedience.

But Lucas has secrets, a painful past that he hides from Shay.  He is both surprised and discomfited by his intense attraction to the submissive redhead, and his conflicting feelings cause him to be cold towards her as he denies his burning need for her.

How will Shay deal with his apparent rejection?  Will she fight for Lucas or will she find solace in the arms of another?  Begin the journey with Torn: Caught between the Billionaires (Book 1: Lucas).  And look out for Book 2: Jonathan, coming soon!


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