Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Broken (Dark Grove Plantation 3) Blurb

I wanted to share the blurb for Broken (Dark Grove Plantation #3) with you!  Here goes:

Gwen may bartend at Dark Grove Plantation BDSM club, but she sure as hell doesn’t participate in the kinky acts going on around her.  Not anymore.  She’s been hurt too many times before.  Hurt by Dominants.  So she’s settled for vanilla Connor.  He never pries into her life, never tries to tear away her cheery façade to reveal the vulnerable submissive within.

But everything changes when sexy Dominant Damien shows up at Dark Grove and locks his sights on Gwen.  He can easily see the sub within her and is intrigued when she rebuffs his advances.  Determined to take on the challenge, Damien resolves that Gwen will submit to him.  No matter what it takes.  Can she resist the determined, unbending Dom?  And how will Connor react when he discovers Gwen’s kinky secret?  Find out in Broken (Dark Grove Plantation #3)!

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