Sunday, 20 January 2013

Kept Excerpt

Here's an exciting excerpt from Kept (A Captured by the Billionaire Bonus Book)!  It's now available on Amazon!

“See something you like, little one?”  Mallory jumped slightly as Jake’s voice cut through the erotic images that were beginning to play through her mind.  She glanced up into his deep blue eyes, worried that she had upset him by looking at the woman with obvious interest.
“No,” she said quickly.
While Jake’s eyes had simply been amused before, they now darkened dangerously.
Shit.  Mallory knew that look.
“Did you just lie to me, sub?”  He demanded.
She dropped her eyes as her cheeks flamed crimson.  “Yes,” she said, her voice small.  There was no point denying it; that would only make things worse for her.
His fingers were gripping her chin, forcing her to look up at him.  The lines of his face were drawn down forbiddingly.  Mallory swallowed hard.  Her Dom was staring down at her, and he was not pleased.
“That’s twice now that you haven’t addressed me with proper respect,” he spoke softly, but his voice had a dangerous edge.
“I’m sorry, Sir,” she gasped out quickly, as though if she rectified her mistake quickly enough that would make it okay.  But one look at Jake’s hard expression told her that she wasn’t getting off the hook so easily.
“You will be,” he said, his matter-of-fact tone making her shudder.  But there was more than fear building in her belly; there was desire as well.  Although she was apprehensive of what punishment he might devise for her, she knew that she would enjoy it in her own perverse way.  With Jake, pain and pleasure were a dual-edged sword, both used for torment and erotic release.  And the feeling was incredible, giving her a high that she had never attained outside of her experiences with him.
His hand fisted in her hair, and he turned sharply, not sparing her another glance as he pulled her along in his wake.  They abandoned their untouched drinks, heading for a door at the other end of the bar.  Mallory’s stomach was in knots; she had no idea where Jake was taking her, but he clearly knew where they were going.  And after the way he had looked at her with such disapproval, his eyes filled with the promise of retribution…
Trepidation and arousal warred within her, her heart fluttering as adrenaline shot through her veins and her panties dampening as her sex contracted.  The slight, sharp pain of his hand tugging at her hair with every step made her scalp tingle, little jolts of electricity that spread over her skin, bringing her entire body to life.
Jake slowed slightly when they reached the darkened doorway.  It led to a descending spiral stone staircase, like one that you might find in a Medieval castle.  He allowed her to walk down carefully, clearly not wanting her to trip on her high heels.  That would cause unintentional pain, and Jake would never allow her to come to any real harm.  It was peculiar, this sense of being protected by him yet being utterly physically vulnerable to him at the same time.  Mallory loved the feeling.
The staircase let them out into a long, stone-walled corridor with heavy wooden doors interspersed along it.  It was lit by real torches, the warmth of their flames helping to push back the chill of being underground.  Mallory knew where they were: the dungeons.  This was much darker than anything that she usually did with Jake, but the idea of exploring new territory with him, of having her limits pushed, was undeniably thrilling.
Never releasing her hair, Jake pushed open the door to their right.  It gave an ominous creak as it swung back to admit them.  Flickering torchlight illuminated the sparse space.  There was nothing but a metal chair in the center of the room and a chest in the far corner.
Without warning, Jake spun her around and shoved her down into the chair.  She gave a small cry at the shock of the cold metal against her warm skin.  The door closed with a loud clang as the lock clicked home, and the room became even darker than it had been moments before.  Mallory’s clit pulsed even as fear made her fingertips tingle.  This was a very different kind of game that Jake was playing with her.  She drew a deep breath, reminding herself that no matter what happened, she could trust him to respect her limits.
She could hear the trunk being opened behind her, the heavy wooden lid hitting the stone with a muted thud as Jake threw it open.  Curiosity overcoming her sense of reason, she craned her head back to see what he was retrieving from it.
“Eyes forward, sub,” he ordered, barely glancing her way.  Her head instantly snapped back around, her eyes staring forward at the wooden door.  Only now that Jake was no longer touching her, she found that the fear was becoming harder to contain; it was washing out the little pleasurable tingles that had danced across her skin.  The walls suddenly seemed very close.  Too close.  Her mind flitted somewhere dark, somewhere that she wanted to deny.  Her whole body tensed as the room became smaller.  In the dimness the stone walls turned to the aged grey wood of an old shack in the middle of nowhere, where no one would hear her scream…

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